Holy Martyrs inside Church Panorama

Come, See and Hear

Posted : Sep-08-2022


Holy Martyrs of Japan invites you to Attend Come, See and Hear event about the Church's  Journey of healing and reconciliation with Indigenous People, on Tuesday, September 13th at 7pm in the Parish Hall by Deacon Pedro Guevara-Mann of Salt & Light Television.  Hosted by our Catholic Women's League. Anyone interested please contact the parish office to let us know if you are planning to attend.

On July 24 to 29. Pope Francis made a pilgrimage to Canada. Were you able to follow his footsteps? Did you have the opportunity to hear or read his addresses to Indigenous Peoples?
Do you have unanswered questions? Deacon Pedro worked on the organizing committee for the Papal Visit and was present at all the events.

In the meantime, go to www.papalvisit.ca to watch all the events of that historic week.