Holy Martyrs of Japan Altar

Our Mass Times

PLEASE NOTE: Eventbrite Mass Registration is no longer Required:


Saturday Vigil 5:00 PM (English) 

Saturday 7:30PM Spanish Mass for Migrant Workers

Sunday 8:00AM (English) Mass in Portuguese the second Sunday of the month

Sunday 10:00 AM (English) * livestream. 

Sunday 12:00 PM (English) 

Sunday 6:30 PM (English) 



Monday 7:00 PM (English) 

Tuesday 9:00 AM (English) 

Wednesday 7:00 PM (English) 

Thursday 9:00 AM (English) 

Friday 7:00 PM (English) 

Saturday 9:00 AM (English) 


Requiem Mass at Holy Martyrs of Japan Cemetery on the First Friday of each month at 11:00am for our Faithful Departed (during the winter months the Mass will be celebrated in the Church).